Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Fairy

Like a fairy from my childhood dreams
She came and saved me
Her long red hair and bright blue eyes
Guided me through the most troubled times
And I felt safe like I once did in my Mother's arms

She spoke to me when I needed to listen
She stayed silent when I longed for silence
Her laughter caressed my heart and brightened my days
Her tears taught me to think before I speak
And her songs of a better tomorrow carved a sign of hope into my heart

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Ella said...

Really nice poem ×)

~ Husitka ~ said...

Thanks a lot, Ella. Možná bych mohla poděkovat i česky. :)

Ella said...

Já radči nejdřív píšu anglicky projistotu ×D ×)..Tu básničku si psala Ty..? Opravdu je povedená..!! ×)S tim Tvým druhym blogem..byla bych ráda kdybys mi napsala jeho adresu,určitě bude taky zajímavej ^^

Ella said... já jsem ten svuj blog taky ještě ani patřičně neupravila ×/ ×D

Annie said...

Dear Husitka,

I just finished reading this poem so filled with love and hope. I had just read your most recent post about taking a risk with teaching on your own and I have to say bravo for your courage. Just a thought but, can you work for the agency AND try working on your own until you become successful at taking care of all your working matters yourself?

Also, thank you for your kind words and visits as I sheparded my husband through his recent hospital stay. I'm so glad he is home and life is coming back to normal.

Best wishes,

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