Monday, January 09, 2012

My Blog Overhaul and 2012 Plans

New year, new start.

I realise it sounds like a terrible cliché but that's how I've been feeling since 2012 started, and I'm still oddly excited about it. I've worked quite hard on customising a new theme for my blog here on Blogger (adding custom icons, adding bullets to the categories, adding an About section with a custom-created avatar and some information about myself, reorganising the footer), I joined Pinterest and Tumblr (so of course I had to customise my Tumblr theme as well ;-) ) and I still need to work on my flagship site because I'm planning on turning it into my main online residence. :-)

I might also help revamp the RockSaltJournals website (being one of the admins there and whatnot). :-)

Of course I still need to work on my art and shops more so that I'm finally able to make my dream of becoming a full-time artist and graphic designer come true so there's definitely a lot of work ahead but this time, it makes me excited, not scared. 

And here's to hoping that my blog presence here will be much more regular in 2012, too. :-D